China Dream

The China Dream: In English

With more Chinese than ever applying to American universities, English ability is becoming crucial for the Chinese version of success. But as China strides toward globalism and modernity, what does it lose?

Chengdu construction

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Chengdu

Chengdu has had an eventful summer so far. First a new BRT system on the Second Ring, then the Fortune Global Forum, and now the grand opening of the World’s Largest Building. Is it time to celebrate, or will summer storms rain on the parade?

Chengdu construction

Li Chuncheng’s Fall Threatens Chengdu’s Rise

China’s development into a major world power is based on the achievements of a corrupt system that creates both massive infrastructure projects and fabulously wealthy individuals. When one of these individuals is taken down, the whole system shivers.

Chengdu Ex-Mayor Faces Corruption Charges

Li Chuncheng was Chengdu’s overlord for years before ascending to the No. 2 political position in the province. Now he is under investigation for corruption and faces the Party axe.