The Ace of Diamonds: Surviving the 2008 Earthquake

Three years ago, Charlie and two friends set out on a daytime motorcycle trip to nearby Qingcheng Shan, one of the birthplaces of Daoism. Chaos ensued as the region was ravaged by a 9.0 earthquake.

Rebuilding Beichuan, Brick by Brick

The Wenchuan Earthquake left hundreds of thousands homeless and had to be rebuilt, brick by brick. I took part in the reconstruction and learned a few things about Chinese people.

Sichuan Quake Reconstruction: Mission Accomplished?

Sichuan’s Governor is confident that re-construction of the Quake-affected areas of Sichuan will be finished one year ahead of schedule, but people on the ground disagree with the government’s assessment and argue that the work has just begun.

Qinghai Quake the Latest Chapter in an Ongoing Story

China’s previous experience with an earthquake in this region informs every aspect of the nations response to this latest one, which demonstrates the overall growth of a society towards its own problems and how to solve them.