Chengdu Places

Introducing Chengdu Places

There’s a new way to discover and share locations within Chengdu, and it’s called Chengdu Places. Read all about it inside.

Psykling in Chengdu: A 5-Point Guide

Psykling is the Kung Fu of the bicycle. Want to learn more? I share my tips and experiences in this 5-point guide to the essentials.

Chengdu tips

Six Tips to Help You Adjust to Chengdu

If you’re in Chengdu or thinking about coming to Chengdu, there are a few preparations you should make. Brendan spells out the details after a year of integrating into the city.

Buying a Playstation 3 in Chengdu

Now that the Playstation 3 has been hacked, it’s flying off store shelves in Chengdu. I decided to pick one up recently and see what it’s all about. Whether you’re into games or movies, here’s what you need to know before getting one for yourself.