Google Buzz and China

Two days ago, Google announced a new product called Buzz which competes with Facebook and Twitter. With it’s competition blocked in China, the door appears to be wide open for Google to strike, but what risks lie ahead for Google and its latest platform?

Protect Your Wi-Fi Network From Tools Like This

Since recent events like Google versus China and the arrests in Hubei Province have brought Chinese hackers out into the limelight, now is a great time to secure your wireless network from intruders. Because your personal information and bandwidth aren’t as safe you think.

Flying to Southeast Asia for Cheap

Sometimes after a particularly long string of cloudy days in Chengdu, you’ll wish you could escape to somewhere like Thailand: a beautiful and tropical retreat from the cold weather. Information on helping you make that trip is inside.

Why Registering a .CN Address Really Sucks

When the .com you want isn’t available, you’ll have to settle for something else. If you’ve ever thought about registering a .cn address for something China related, you should know why registering a .cn address really sucks.

Google Prepared to Leave China

After spending untold billions earning its significant search market share, Google has had enough and is preparing to pull out of the largest Internet market in the world.

The Most Potent Fertilizer on Earth

If you haven’t heard of Jin Ke La, you should check this out. A Chinese fertilizer company masquerades as an American government-affiliated multi-national with hilarious result.