Poly Center Monster Club

Trading Blows in Chengdu’s Fight Club

A UFC-style fight bar has recently opened in Chengdu, within the city’s notorious Poly Center complex. Photos and impressions inside.

Kung Fu Dreams

Hugo Boue had gong fu dreams all his life and recently pursued them all the way to Chengdu, spending a month with Master Li Cuan. His story inside.

Chengdu Stories: Interview with Jamie, Jiu Jitsu Trainer

Kung Fu dominates martial arts in Chengdu, but there is a small band of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners in the city. I met with Jamie and he demonstrated chokes on me before politely answering my questions.

Kung Fu Family in Chengdu

Traditional Kung Fu has become a commodity in our modern world, but there are still martial arts schools out there that refuse to sell out and instead carry on the true spirit of Chinese kung fu. We here in Chengdu are lucky enough to have our very own Kung Fu Family Martial Arts School in San Sheng Xiang.