Symptoms and Ailments: A Westerner’s View of Traditional Chinese Medicine

To understand Traditional Chinese Medicine, one must first understand that ailments are as defined and comprehensible only in the context of its own system. As a medical student, I’m tasked with the charge of understanding both East and Western medical philosophies.

Giving Birth in Chengdu: Postpartum Recovery

The institutional coldness of the hospital soon gives way to the cozy quilt of Grammas wisdom and traditional Pig’s Feet and Peanut soup. For a full month after giving birth, Chinese medical theory calls for a strict regime to help mothers regain their strength.

Giving Birth in Chengdu: A New Life

Just as the first barrage of New year fireworks echoed throughout Chengdu, The Notations transitioned into David Ruffin’s Heaven Help Us on iTunes and I watched my newborn son heave a sigh of relief and squirm a bit deeper into his swaddling. This post is about the birth of my first child in Chengdu.

The Next Step: Evolution of Power and Sichuans Role

As worldwide energy reserves dwindle, the Chinese government is aggressively pursuing renewable energy solutions. New sources of power like algae biodesel are key elements in Chinas green energy strategy.