Fix Everything in China

China’s economy is growing faster than any other, but even with all of the great changes some things never change. Like the need for a cheap, all-purpose handyman.

Greed & Corruption: the USA Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo

This is a first hand account of what went on behind the drab gray exterior of the USA Pavilion — a tale of greed, indifference, corruption, rebellion and eventually justice — written by one of the Student Ambassadors who worked there.

Raising a Child in China: Mixed Blood Prince

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been raising my half-Chinese child in China, his home country. Recently I’ve been noticing how they treat him: they love him too much.

Attempting to Talk Your Way Out of a Visa Fine

I learned the Chinese word for deport the other day. Contextually. As in, “You should be happy that we are only going to fine you 5000 kuai, and not deport you.” I made it my mission to talk my way out of the situation.