Ghost-like Chinese Girl Scares the Hell Out of People (clip)

The origin of this clip is mysterious, but it depicts a Chinese girl wearing a nightgown and scaring the hell out of people as they enter the door next to her. It only takes one look at her silent gaze before bystanders freak out, one by one.

The Most Potent Fertilizer on Earth

If you haven’t heard of Jin Ke La, you should check this out. A Chinese fertilizer company masquerades as an American government-affiliated multi-national with hilarious result.

How to: Unrestricted Internet Access Using a Proxy Server

If you aren’t using a proxy to access the internet from the Mainland, you are really missing out on a lot of great content – Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogspot to name a few of the most well known blocked sites. Here’s how to get free reign over the internet by using a VPN.

Streaming Video Sites in China

A breakdown and comparison of all the options – Tudou, Youku, Vimeo, and of course Youtube. Are any of these worth checking out?