Chengdu Living’s Most Popular Posts of 2010

We’ve had a great year sharing some incredible stories and experiences in 2010. In this post we highlight the most commented and most linked-to posts published on Chengdu Living over the last year.

Taxi Fares Rise in Chengdu

Over the last week, Chengdu’s taxi fares have risen by 2 yuan across the board. Along with the subway, transportation is really coming to the forefront in Chengdu. What’s the likely reason and is this a big deal or not?

Chengdu Subway: Day One Photos

I take a ride on the Chengdu Subway for the first time and come back with photos to chronicle the experience. Chengdu Subway: Day One.

First Subway Line in Chengdu Nearing Completion

After four years of construction, the first line of the Chengdu subway will be opening in 2010. We check out how the construction is going and what it means for Chengdu, a city getting increasingly choked by auto traffic.