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Why I Still Love China, Even if It Hates Me

Read the guest post authored by Josh Summers, an American expat who spent over ten years living in China’s northwest Xinjiang region. Although it’s not about Chengdu specifically it’s a relevant topic for all expats in China, and an instructive story. Enjoy.

How to Live in Chengdu

In my time I’ve learned a few things about living in China, which I humbly offer here. Call them Pro Tips to life in China, if you will.

Chengdu Travel Videos: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Last fall I spent six weeks working with a video production crew to tell the story of Chengdu. We ended up with three shorts: Mind, Body and Spirit, that present an inspiring picture of Chengdu’s culture, people and traditions.

The Ace of Diamonds: Surviving the 2008 Earthquake

Three years ago, Charlie and two friends set out on a daytime motorcycle trip to nearby Qingcheng Shan, one of the birthplaces of Daoism. Chaos ensued as the region was ravaged by a 9.0 earthquake.

A Tale of Two Cities: Chengdu vs. Shanghai

I love Chengdu, but I gotta go. I took a job as copy editor in the antithesis of the ‘Du: glitzy, glamorous Shanghai. Here’s what I think about these two cities after spending 10 years in Sichuan.

Forever Bikes for Rent in Chengdu Suburbs

Bikes are all the rage in green suburbs like San Sheng Xiang and Dujiangyan. And now you can rent one for 10RMB. The rent-a-bike system comes from cities like Paris and Lyons and Forever Corp. has done a good job of implementing the scheme here in Chengdu.