White Monkey podcast

Podcast Ep. #8: White Monkey Work

In this episode of the podcast we discuss White Monkey work: a colloquial term which encompasses all the odd-jobs that we’re qualified to do simply by virtue of being foreigners.

A Tale of Two Cities: Chengdu vs. Shanghai

I love Chengdu, but I gotta go. I took a job as copy editor in the antithesis of the ‘Du: glitzy, glamorous Shanghai. Here’s what I think about these two cities after spending 10 years in Sichuan.

American Architects Find Work and Freedom in China

After being laid of from one of the largest architecture firms in the world along with many of his colleagues in January of 2009, Adam Mayer tooled around the San Francisco Bay Area until his former boss and mentor told him that if he wanted to work, he should go to where the construction is heaviest: China.