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  • jia liu

    I recently did a gene test on http://www.wegene.com and enjoyed it, thought I would share here.

    the method:

    1. register and pay for the test, now the price is 499RMB
    2. the wegene company will send you a tube to collect your saliva
    3. send saliva sample to wegene company
    4. the company give you a report of your gene.
    The test can tell you somting about your ancestry and give you some
    advice about your health.

    You may also want to try another company providing this sevice, 23andme.

    I am very curious about the genes of the vistors of this forum. Sure, Mind Your Privacy. It’s your choice.


    Nice, this looks interesting! That 499 RMB price is super cheap. In the past I have considered services like 23andme but the government regulation which hampered the information they could deliver was a big turn off. Thanks.

    edit: looks like the site is at least partially in English, link is at the bottom of the website


    jia liu

    Thanks, Charlie, for editting of my post.
    The wegene website’s english version seems to just providing limited service without health advicing.


    Sounds fun. I am gonna do this after made profit from my game.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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