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@charlie: dude, you would never know how much trouble I got just to answer this one.. And I literally broke down my Pc into pieces and reassembled it. Which I admit , is actually of great fun, despite the 10 or 12  screws that fit nowhere and a broken shift key. ( why i had n never done this before ? If I am gonna to have a baby,  I d encourage her to screw off every single piece of  the furniture and reassemble it together with her… ) ..

ok , enough for the rumbling , u might think of me as a wind bad already though….haha… About the exchange rate, it is generally regulated by our central bank, the people s bank. But it does differ between banks, but just slightly. The reason to recommend BOC, is that BOC specializes in international business and should be seen more often than other Chinese banks oversea. So it is less risky and if any problem, u might get help even when you are not in china.. Also , the exchange rate of BOC , if not higher than all Chinese banks, should be higher than most banks since it is the “example ” of all banks. .. And last but also fairly important , is that BOC is the only bank with this kinda service if your money is not US dollars , eu dollars  or this kinda commonly used currency.

Oh , and I admit the fact my sis works in BOC , but trust me, her salary has nothing to do with all above.. The best thing of working in the bank , Chinese bank , is that your salary has nothing to do with anything except who you are and how long you ve been there.

And windbag as I am , I really wanna say IBM isa  great company, Since I found  8 to 10 different kinds of crews without sone of which, nothing seems different , and that each piece is so exactly measured and designed, that I have to pry it open little by little, only to find, the inside  is not as dirty as I thought at all, which I thought was the reason why my pc corrupts  And freezes so often.