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Avatar photoRick in China

I think enjoying Chengdu will be easier if you have an open mind and try new things

Charlie hit it on the head. This whole thread is kind of silly – good food exists in Chengdu, and if you have survived in another China city and think the food was great, then you’ll likely do fine in Chengdu, or perhaps palate isn’t as refined as you’d have yourself believe. No matter where someone is in the world they’ll crave particular things, probably mostly nostalgic or selective memory, I’ve returned to restaurants that at the time I thought were the best (particular food) I’ve eaten, to find that even though it’s the same owner/chef/staff, it just wasn’t the same. The obvious suggestion for anyone who has such a seeming particular worry about moving to a place is take a trip, visit, find out if it’s survivable, and then determine your life course accordingly rather than expect to get any sort of understanding from a forum about something so subjective as ‘food taste’.