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@ben: all hard liquors are usually brewed from grains like wheats, cereals, sorghums, rice or a combination of them. red wines are generally brewed from fruits like grapes, pineapples, and such, hence the flavor. beers are brewed from wheats, if i remember it correctly.

@Chris: you are so right about the allergy problem. therefore, chinese should know better not to abuse alcohol.

@Charlie: white spirit? i think it should be called clear liquor. as far as the difference between men and women, i agree with your observation that alcohol abuse is far more serious in men, but i do see many cases of alcohol poisoning in women here in china.

@Federico: agree. people should think before they get ahead of themselves. however, drinking is a social game in china, an important necessity in chinese social life. a lot of chinese are forced into alcohol abuse because of peer pressure and/or business requirements. it is so hard not get caught in the game if you want to be successful in china because it seems like every business deal must have been signed in alcohol.