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When are you planning to move exactly? You mention the subway, and that’s already fast becoming a factor in property pricing here. I personally live downtown right beside a new subway station on line 2, and just had my landlord attempt to hike my rent by 30% on lease renewal partly because of it. This is all purely speculative of course as far as future investment goes, but it will be a factor for a while. My advice to you would be to look to the South, and do it on the ground yourself over a period of time to find the best deal or development. No single developer really has too much of an edge over another in terms of reliability and quality because of the way tendering works in construction here, but there will be complexes that have been built with more attention paid to detail. Swire perhaps have the strongest presence across the city, but their developments are also suffering at the hands of low skilled workers on site. I live in a Swire development myself, and some of what I see is in no way reflective of the market price, but then I am downtown.

If you PM me, I will try and get you a copy of a development map that basically shows every existing development within the 3rd ring. I’m aware of an app that’s currently in development also, that pinpoints developers projects for you using GPS.