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Avatar photoCharlie

Baa, with the whole NSA shit goin on, no point in having facebook. I deactivated it weeks ago. Plus it’s just old friends complaining about XYZ. But Kudos to China, slow progres.. I guess.. Next youtube? heh

I can relate to that. I’ve thought about deleting my Facebook account so many times. But since it is my last remaining way to connect with friends around the world who are important to me, I:

  • Deleted almost all of my personal information from the site
  • Deleted 90% of my photos
  • Removed friends that aren’t real friends (ie, people that I met once traveling somewhere years ago or friends of friends that I don’t talk to)
  • Stopped updating Facebook

Deleting my Google account will be much harder but I am very slowly moving in that direction. Email is the toughest part because Gmail is so good.