Podcast Ep. #14: Summertime in Chengdu

Summertime in ChengduSummer is here! This episode is inspired by the explosion of sub-communities and meet-up groups in the expat scene, from group bike rides to game nights to writing groups. Beyond that, we discuss a recent article on Living with Purpose in Chengdu,  WeChat as a tool for organization, music festivals in Chengdu, and places of interest in and around Chengdu. Tune in for some suggestions on how to spend your free time and find your kindred spirits!

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Topics Discussed

  • 00:00 Summer in Chengdu introduction
  • 02:00 Natooke Friday Night Bike Ride
  • 04:00 The explosion of meet up groups in Chengdu
  • 05:00 The Chengdu Gaming Federation
  • 07:20 Tongzilin Pool at the Orchard Villas
  • 08:30 Random WeChat groups
  • 10:00 “Living With Purpose in Chengdu” article discussion
  • 15:15 Sports organizations in Chengdu
  • 16:15 WeChat’s one limitation and Chengdu Living forum’s advantage
  • 18:30 The maturation of the Chengdu’s economy and civil society
  • 19:35 Chengdu Movie Group at Machu Picchu
  • 21:30 Entrepreneurship in Chengdu
  • 23:45 Chengdu Living to provide a space for meet up groups
  • 25:30 Summertime music festivals
  • 27:00 Uber in Chengdu
  • 31:00 Places in and around Chengdu for travel (Wangjianglou Park on Google Maps)
  • 38:00 Recommendations

Recommendations Mentioned

Songs Featured in this Podcast

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