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Podcast #21: Game Design & China

In this episode of the podcast, we speak with the director of Breda University’s Game Architecture and Design school about China’s game emergent industry.

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Kids at American school

Choices: A Look at American Schools After Leaving Chengdu

American schools are often criticized for being violent, and for producing underachievers. There are problems in the system, but I found that overall, the system gives me what I want most.

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Raising a Child in China: Choosing a Kindergarten

In China, the choice of where to send your child takes on added importance with the recent rise in alternatives to public schools to meet a growing demand for “gardens”.

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Biden in Chengdu

Biden Promises the World in Chengdu, But Can He Deliver?

U.S. V.P. Joe Biden was in Chengdu and gave a speech at Sichuan University. Was it all political bluster, or is there any meat behind the politician’s words?

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The Murky Evolution of the Chinese Education System

Lu Xun, one of the fathers of Modern Chinese Literature, is in the process of expelled from China’s textbooks. Read inside to learn more about what’s happening.

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