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Avatar photoChris Ziich

Bboyin yea, but i doubt Korea or Japanese poppers will ever win Juste Deboout (biggest top dancing in the world), sure they will win some categories, but the best sections are usually Europeans. China is light years away from developing style… Thats something no one can buy or ‘cop.’

Korean and Japanese dancers have won a lot of Juste Debout  events in the last few years. There’s pretty much always a Japanese or Korean judge on the panel. Japanese dancers have always been among the best in the world along with the USA and France and recently, Koreans have recently started finished in the top. And that’s my point. The Koreans came out of nowhere to the top.

I personally do not rate Samsung at all but agree complete

I know you’re not a fan of their phones and neither am I, but you cannot deny that they created a movement towards the big ass phablet screen, and people love it. Samsung also exploded on the hard drive, notebook pc, and components market. I also thought it was kind of funny that Apple started that legal war against Samsung when Samsung supplied critical parts for lots of Apple products. In that respect, Samsung is kind of hot shit. (but you’ll never catch me using a shiny plastic galaxy)

Korea also beats the whole world in pop music, plastic surgery, and Starcraft.