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Gosh Rick, seems you definitely have loads of memorable experiences in Chengdu. Really hope my stay there won’t be as eventful as yours. Can’t imagine losing income for so long for just for breaking a thieve’s nose. Reminds me of a story in NZ few years back where the victim was charged for shooting the thieve on his butt.. Thanks for the advice Rick. Thanks for getting me out of possible trouble.

Suprisingly while I was in southern India for 6 years, I could leave my house door wide open and have not got a single penny (paise) taken. I thought China might be as safe (naive of me). In India females tend to be victim of random molesting especially in crowded train or busses where many hands comes from all over where u cant really pin point who is the perpetrator. I witness mens there grabs tourist breast like no tomorrow of which I attacked one of them for doing that. But laws there are strict on culprits rather than vice versa. U can actually get a medal of honor for breaking noses and limbs of these predators.