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Avatar photoRick in China

Really surprised you made the thread, was a little rhetorical just to prevent hijacking the other..however, love the topic personally, so lets engage:

I don’t believe ESP or any ‘extended consciousness’ beyond what we’re experiencing now has ever existed. There is no evidence, beyond anecdotal evidence (akin to “Aliens took my brother from the desert) to support it. Our brains are extremely elastic and very capable, surely capable of far more than any living humans are utilizing them for now – and will most definitely evolve way, way, way down the road to become more than we can comprehend now…however:

I think it’s far more likely we invent or discover (scientific advancement) methods for artificially manipulating said utilization far sooner than is naturally just ‘evolved’, evidenced by looking at the advancement of the human brain or on a more macro scale brains in general over the course of history compared to the bell curve that demonstrates advancement of technology and genetics/cybernetics in the more modern age.

I think that to say “modern technology has run its course” is simply repeating what naysayers have been saying repeatedly over the last couple centuries, pre-flight for example, where any dreamers with such “insane goals” as lifting a human into the air through a contraption, were smashed down as being charlatans or insane people..and rather, since we haven’t seen a halt in any way whatsoever in terms of technological advancement in any recent year, would go the route that: since it hasn’t stopped yet, and every naysayer has been proven wrong repeatedly, it’s ludicrous to presumptively say that advancement will suddenly end and we simply know all we’ll know for any practical purposes. I can’t even fathom how that’s a valid argument in today’s age.

Simple example that’s happening now: vehicles that run on electricity stored in batteries which can be charged via the natural sunlight. ‘Free’ energy until the sun dies (or we die)? Impossible?