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Yea.. I don’t really get the Xiaomi store. They do have a store with some free apps and games but very limited. Would be cool if they had a bigger store similar to the scale of Google Play. I have very high hopes on Apple TV. But yea the remote is really tricky I guess. Will be very interesting to see how that pans out. Hoping it’ll be a great success and the Android world(including Xiaomi) follow.

I think what Xiaomi has done up until this point is to either coerce free to play developers to jump on their platform with the hope of hooking users who download games for free… or they just outright are paying developers to release version of their apps on the Xiaomi app store. That is what Microsoft and Blackberry has done for years, since developers know there’s no virtually no chance of them being profitable on either of those platforms. There has to a be a critical mass of users which can potentially push a popular high in the charts to make a lot of money. But in the Xiaomi app store it seems that that possibility may just not be there, which means it’s unlikely to see an influx of good games. And honestly, all the games that we would want to play are Western games anyway, not 三国 or cartoon garbage which is the standard fare in China.