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Avatar photoBrendan
Since it’s a woman who does the work, i doubt she can be able to do sports Chiropractic adjustments

Don’t be such a neanderthal dude! First of all her gender has nothing to do with her ability as a practitioner, and secondly you’ve never even met her. We’ve had an honest appraisal from someone who has, and I’d say that’s useful information.

‘Sports Chiro’ is something of a misnomer, more defined by educational qualification than practice. I’ve seen literally dozens of practitioners in numerous countries, and the best of them stand out in my mind years after having seen them last. Incidentally the two absolute best of these were women, one a chiropractic physiotherapist working out of the Adidas gym in Wellington, NZ, and the other a former ballet dancer running her own Structural Reintegration (Rolfing) practice in Vancouver, Canada. The latter is a five foot nothing waif who managed to inflict pain on me so severe I can only liken it to a molten hot blade being run through my muscles and joints. Pure agony followed by an intense relief.