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Here is my hair story.

I looked at some Chinese salons with Chinese friends, only thing I needed was cutting the length of hair, nothing fancy, no colouring, no nothing, just a simple cut of the tresses.

But every salon I went to wanted to jazz up my hair, add colour, add bangs etc basically do what they wanted with my wavy hair out of control hair.

So I cut my own hair and it was a bad idea! I have been wearing hats ever since to take the attention of the hair which looks like a child took a knife to.

Does anyone know of a decent place for females which does exactly what it says on the tin. Oh and the bonus would be not one of those brightly lit salons which can cause a epileptic fit with blaring music, disco/barber lights and fluffy hair people standing around like the hair mafia I don’t know why but they always creep me out.