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Avatar photoCharlie

Thanks to:

– Luna, Kafe, Shady, Justin, Nichifanlemei, Marco, Cvalda, and all the performers!

– Marco for bringing your own sound system and playing outside and upstairs!

– Gas for making super dope graffiti inside our courtyard!

– Dieter for bringing 5 kegs of your Chengdu brewed Sichuan beer!

– Hise, Jacob, Larry, Eugene, Enrique, and Chris for helping bring everything together!

– God for incredible weather, two days in a row!

– Dan, Mandeep, and Lily for being beasts in the kitchen!

I have a feeling that, given how awesome ths sounds, and the cancellation of zebra, this will be wildly successful. Just playing devil’s advocate here (been called a devil a few times), but in the event that a crowd of say, 1000 turn up, have contingency plans been made to deal with this massive influx of inebriated humanity…? ie. toliet facilities/ security (Brendan)/ first aid/ counsellors/post-party clean up (Brendan again)?

About 400 people showed up. The house was packed, in front, out back, upstairs, and downstairs. Fortunately no one was injured and incredibly, nothing at the house was broken!

Is that ture?If so,I am just so damn lucky to be in tha part of the Craziest! I met the real Charlie and the real Fat Shady,unforgettable!

hank you dear friends! It definitely was THE best house party I’ve ever been to 😉 very good good welcome from the Chengdoo wodoo people 😉

Nice to meet you both!

Any chance such party will take a place in the nearest future again?

Yup. It will be announced soon.