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Avatar photoCharlie
I still think Golden Eye for the N64 was the best computer game ever made. Mario Kart a close second.

Definitely one of the best multiplayer games of all time. I think Goldeneye was the first 4-player shooting game of that style, so much fun. Everyone who picked Oddjob was cheating, though.

I see that they’ve released Goldeneye again on Xbox 360 and PS3 but none of the remakes captured the magic of the original. Maybe it was because the game design was so ahead of its time. Having an actual N64 would be pretty incredible, I haven’t even seen one in ten years.

Just get a wii you can get four game cube controllers. I have all to the old N64 games on a Usb stick. Also all the wii’s are modified so you can download all the games for free.

Does it run other emulator games as well? SNES, etc?