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Avatar photoVincent

Thank you Charlie for the tip! I’ve seen that one before indeed and it probably is better quality, but I prefer the color combo of the Meihua one. I thought taobao worked equally well if u searched with English keywords lol. Guess not 🙂

And thanks seanyuan as well, that shop is definately plan B.

Lol yea about the Zebra, funny story: I saw a Chinese guy wearing it, I went over to him and asked (I can’t speak Chinese) “Where did u buy this??” and I pointed to the Meihua logo. He just looked at me as if he’s seen a ghost, I repeat my sentence and started laughing because he clearly didn’t understand what I was saying. And then he just took it off and gave it to me hahaha. I was like “no no no” and he said “free! free!”. Only in China, right? 😀

Then a friend adviced me to try it on, and obviously it didn’t fit since I am almost 2 meters tall haha. Still had a good laugh though.