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Avatar photoChris Ziich

@Ziich: let me know if you hit that place. We can go together and i can share my extensive knowledge of cellphones with you. (salesman today said “you want a jellybean or an ice cream sandwich” WTF?? Confusion reigns…)

Well I decided to go another route and picked up an HTC One X+ (not the brand new HTC One). The specs are similar to the Nexus4 and it was about 600 RMB less, but at the cost of not being a “pure” Google phone – nothing that a little nerdy phone hacking can’t fix.

I had it for 2 weeks before half of the screen died – manufacturer defect. So I’m hoping to get my replacement soon and I’m still sort of regretting not just getting the Nexus4. Everyone that I’ve talked to with one loves theirs.

Anyways. I’m a huge android nerd now and I’d be willing to help out the less technologically advanced.