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Avatar photoRick in China

Ok. Verified this:My wife doesn’t follow the series like I do, but she has seen the previous seasons with subtitles. Watching only the “red wedding” without context, she hated the fact I wanted to show her what I said was the most jarring thing I’ve seen on television – but after watching, didn’t think it was that bad at all…

I stand by what I’m saying: the scene isn’t “brutal”. It’s not beyond what TV shows as gorey or obscene. It is however…for viewers and those who pay attention to the series, likely the most emotional and “WHAT THE FUCK” type of scene in any TV or movie you’ve seen before. What makes it so is not the graphic content or the PG rating, but the investment in these characters as the heros – being brought to an end. The gritting reality that the heros you’re rooting for are….well, terminated. Much like Ned and Drogo before, those who would lead the heroic charge or be the key game changers in what would otherwise be a domination of “Evil” – get smacked down. We’re trained in a movie/series that the good guys win…this is obviously not a normal series. Who is the good guy now? Who “could be”? I advise anyone who thinks they have the answer not to get too involved in their answer, because they might get slaughtered later on….and they’ll be f’in furious. This series is great not only for the complexity and wonder, but the fact they’re not afraid at all to kill off what us, the audience, would consider as main characters. Fucking kill them all, for I….have to separate myself from any emotional involvement in any of them, the series has given me no hope in any character I’ve ‘loved’ and realize that it will turn any conventional “the hero(s) will come through in the end” on it’s fucking head, so stay along for the ride and lets watch fantasy epic history in the making.

I also change my “quote of the episode” to:

“One day I’m going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull”

She will..lets say…and I’ll be it’ll be under one of two circumstance:
1) accidental
2) at his request

Edit note: I also read that the “red wedding” was inspired by the “black dinner”, found here: