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Avatar photoCharlie

I have made it crash a few times in the past 24hrs mainly using photos inside 3rd part apps. Overall I love new design. Its quite slow on the 4s but could just be because it’s a beta. Hoping they bring out a 5s when they release the final ios7. Havent been able to use some apps like Skype or KIK, they don’t open at all. Almost all other apps work 100%. It’s easily the best upgrade they have brought to ios. Im hoping that Mavericks makes my macbook look as good!

I agree, although it doesn’t look like Mavericks is quite as dramatic a change as iOS 7 is. Some bugs I’ve noticed with iOS 7:

  • Weibo frequently crashes (both the official client and Weico, which I use)
  • Uploading photos to Weixin leads to a crash, but I found a workaround

Things I use all the time now and love:

  • The new control panel
  • Blocking contacts (spam text messages)
  • Automatic app updates
  • Went back to the better default Mail app after using Mailbox