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    Avatar photoCharlie

    The Lazy Pug is hosting an event this upcoming Wednesday to celebrate the 4th of July, here’s the info if you’re interested in checking it out: 4th of July at The Lazy Pug

    Avatar photoJustin

    Happy 4th of July! I’m a little disappointed I can’t be grilling, swimming and getting lit today, but after work, celebrations at the Pug should put me in the spirit!



    Avatar photoCharlie

    Hell yeah cousin.

    I’m working on a scheme to get fireworks for tonight!


    Avatar photoJerryS


    I hope everyone had a great 4th in Chengdu, I did! Went to the pug twice, 12pm to eat and then again 8:30. To those who had the apple pie with ice cream… I tis be jealous!

    To Danny and Dana, thank you for the pug! And have a great time on your travels!! See ya in a month!

    Avatar photoElias

    serious weaksauce at the pug, surely it was crowded as hell but all the food was out by 8pm and the drink specials were a joke. 38 kuai for the cheapest “American” beer ? and still 48 RMB for hamburger. think they could charge cheaper prices for the food and drinks given the volume of customers.

    i’ve eaten here twice before and love the food but its best when someone else is paying.

    Avatar photoDana Kaufman


    As the Pug owners, YES there are many things we would have done differently in retrospect. We don’t make the food cheaper because we always want the same quality and believe us our food profit is LOW! We had no idea of the volume of people since the previous week was slowing down A LOT due to lots of people leaving town. Bad planning on our part. We thought it would be more of a family turnout as it started for lunch.

    Anyways, point taken and we learn from each holiday! As another note, the California beer (you had one of them the Red Seal) we have was marked up by our supplier and cost us 27.5 a bottle! It was just dropped off to us and billed to us since the supplier knew we wanted it for an American holiday! We had 10 kuai proper shots and always pour very heavy. However, we do understand AND expected the criticism!

    Enjoy the summer and hope to see you when we re-open in August..stronger and smarter. In the future, we will offer cheaper options as we do appreciate and respect all of our customers.

    Thank you,

    Dana and Danny

    Avatar photoElias

    Look my comments were a little out of hand due to the the fact that I had to get my 4th of July Burger from McDonalds. I know imported beer is really expensive but there are other brands such as Rogue, Saranac and Samuel Adams which I’ve seen marked for much less at places such as Sabrina’s.

    You guys pulled in a huge crowd clearly more than expected but I thought with the sheer volume of folks perhaps prices could dip a bit more on a few things.

    Anyways people had fun so I’m not going to be a grinch about it, enjoy your summer.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Although I was there at noon on the 4th and had a great meal, I came back in the evening an hour after they were mobbed. It sucks to not be able to eat there one last time before the Pug closes for a month, but what can you do. We ended up acquiring fireworks and set them off on the overpass near the Pug, it was glorious.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I added some photos and videos of the 4th to my blog: 4th of July in Chengdu

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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