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    Avatar photoSamantha

    Hello All,

    Does anybody know which school is best to study Mandarin in Chengdu? I already contacted some but dunno how they really are? How is the environment, how are teachers…so on.

    So let me know please,

    Cheers all,

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Search on the forum for this, there is some solid info on here already. Like this: Mandarin Schools in Chengdu

    You might also want to consider studying at a university in Chengdu versus taking private lessons. Info on that on the forum as well.

    Good luck

    Avatar photoSamantha

    You right

    Tx a lot Charlie,


    Avatar photoSamantha

    Hi Charlie

    Hope you are alright, just wondering.

    Do you work for Chengdu Living.. how did you know so much?

    Are you actually living in Chengdu?

    I am moving quite soon, gonna work and studying tx to your advice I got some idea where to study.

    Any advice for foreign latin girl in China?

    I had lived overseas plenty of times so…. not problem.. but never in China.

    Looking forward for your reply,


    Avatar photoamini

    hey.maybe i can give you some advice.i am a native can call 13880247843.or send a email to [email protected].

    Avatar photoSamantha

    Tx you Amini

    We reach us when I am in Chengdu 😉 then


    Avatar photozxxxhxsz

    Hanyun Chinese Club can provide professional Mandarin lessons for you with low price. The MSN is [email protected]

    Avatar photoSamantha

    Cheers zxxxhxsz



    Hi! When will you arrive in Chengdu ? My sister arrives tmrw and will start Chinese class on august 6th (next monday). We’re looking for 3 other students to sudy with her.

    See my post here :

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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