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    Avatar photodriftingsong

    Hello, I’m bringing my cat to Chengdu and just thought I’d ask for some general information so I can give my cat the best lifestyle I can in his new environment.

    1. Where can I find brand name western pet food? For example I saw that Royal Canin is available there. Do I buy that in grocery stores, Wal-Mart, vet clinics, Taobao, all of the above?

    2. Furthermore are basic pet things such as brushes, scratching post, litter, litter box pretty widely available?

    3. What is a vet clinic that you can whole heartedly recommend?

    4. What happens when you need to get your pet to the clinic? What I mean is…are Didi/taxi drivers ok with taking animals?

    Thank you so much for your wonderful answers!

    Avatar photoCharlie


    1. Taobao/JD is probably the best place to get this stuff. Alternatively you can go to somewhere like Metro, which has a huge selection of imported products, but everyone seems to be shopping and ordering online now because it’s so convenient.
    2. Very easy to find online
    3. The one which I’ve been to multiple times (which I trust) is on 玉林南路. I’m not sure of the name but it’s not a huge street and you should have no problem finding it there, if you are looking for a place to go. In general, the quality of care at these sort of pet hospitals is pretty high in Chengdu, based on my observation.
    4. I would expect no problems as long as you have a suitable transport container for your cat

    Good luck!

    Avatar photogojira

    Dog owner here, but the recommendations are applicable to Cats and other small pets.

    1. We’ve two dogs at home, and we use Taobao & to buy pet food, shampoos, and other stuff. There are great sellers online. You won’t have a wide range of options when you shop from Carrefour, Auchan or other local stores.
    2. Taobao/
    3.  Ren Nuo Small Animal Hospital. We’ve been there several times (our Schnauzer girl is suffering from a genetic liver problem).
    4. We had bitter experience with a DiDi driver before. It’s recommended to send them a message in prior and tell you’ve got a pet with you. Take carriers or crates with you.

    All the best.

    Avatar photoMerior

    Just because you see a Western brand name is no guarantee that is manufactured to the same formulation or standard as you would expect in the West. This is not a criticism of Chinese manufacturers but an observation of international brands that vary from country to country. Even international brands like Kentucky and McDonalds have gone down this road in China to for the local market. I would supplement a commercial food with fresh meat & fish to improve the quality. If you are concerned then opt for a brand like IAMs but it can cost an arm and a leg here if you need their Science Diet.

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