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    I was given an iphone but my sausage fingers make texting tough. If anyone wants to offload an old QWERTY keyboard phone (ie old Nokia e71 or really old B’Berry) PM me. Doesn’t have to be a smart phone. My old HTC took 27.5 minutes to open ChengduLiving but that’s cool. I got all the time in the world…Thank you.

    Chris ZiichChris Ziich

    I’ll sell you my old Droid 2 Global for 200.  Best qwerty keyboard phone ever made, in my opinion.  It’s just a little slow by today’s standards. The only problem is lately it’s stopped charging, but I suspect that the batteries can still charge via an external charger.  I have 2 batteries for it.  If you want it, I’ll order an external charger and try it out. It’s pretty scratched up, but the screen is made out of Gorilla Glass, so it still looks perfect despite being banged up around the edges.  I’ll include an 8GB SD card.  That’s good enough for hundreds of cat videos.



    Bargain of the century?! Ok Ziich, but two things to consider (if something goes wrong):

    1. I know where you live

    2.When someone f**ks me, I like them to buy me dinner first. 🙂


    I have an old Blackberry that I can give you if you don’t buy Chris’. I haven’t used it in about 2 years but the last time I used it it had no problems.


    @Charlie; thanks man, check your PM.

    Nobody got any love for physical keyboards anymore? Or VHS? Or bikes with gears and brakes? Or monster movies without CGI?

    : we got a deal, and i dont wanna take food from your kid’s plate, but i will be praying each day as i use that phone “please break please break please break” (within the one week trial period).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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