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    Avatar photoJBlazinJ

    Sorry new to the board, I apologize if this topic is found elsewhere, however I would prefer personal accounts.  (Sorry for the run on sentence.)

    I might possibly be relocating to Chengdu for work, my wife is a Chinese Citizen, my Daughter an American.  She is 7 years old and will be starting the 2nd grade here shortly (Does Not Speak Mandarin).  I am wondering if there are any descent International Schools for her that would not break the bank.  I have seen Leman and Chengdu International School and they will unfortunately not be possible in terms of our budget.   I of course also want to make sure that she is well taken care of and gets a quality education as any parent would.  Any personal accounts or advice would be appreciated.  Names of Schools, Contact Information, Reviews and Tuition Fees would be helpful.

    I have done some research and read some reviews but I’m still striking out currently.



    Avatar photoCharlie

    I don’t have kids but from what I understand all of the international schools in Chengdu are very expensive. Maybe there are some that are cheap, but I wouldn’t count on it – from what I have observed the demand is so great that schools can change a ton and still have classrooms be full. What has emerged in place of these are a number of homeschool group, you might want to look into those.

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    Home school groups? I haven’t found any reliable info on that, got any thing?
    btw, how’s our expat ?back in america” podcast coming along? 🙂


    Dude…Think long and hard about what you want to do and are trying to do and for what reason.  You want your child to have a good education obviously, but she can’t speak chinese (chinese mom?) and you can’t afford the intl school,  so what option does that leave you?

    If you can’t figure out a good option, why are you wanting to come?
    Might, possible, relocation? Not sure, unsure, contingent upon your current employer or? In china now? Wife needs to come back?

    There was another lady last year that had 3 kids, and wanted to come from the UK, husband had an “ok” job offer.  Similar situation like yours, just more complicated, and not very realistic and imo irresponsible based off of what they were trying to do, and their reasons for it.
    (Search the site and you can read her posts and all the responses, from what I remember, most were trying to get her to see reality? hehe.)

    I say this because I have kids and I have been here a long time and understand the issues pertaining to kids and educating them here and what they may or may not face, the lack of friends she can communicate with, will you be in the area of other families, will you have a vehicle to get around, your wife Should understand all these things, no?

    That being said, I have met a few expat kids that have picked up the language incredibly fast. A couple of the kids were at Meishi, you can check them out, cheaper than the others, and perhaps they have a program for non chinese speakers.

    Avatar photoJBlazinJ


    Avatar photoJBlazinJ


    I never said I couldn’t afford International Schools.   Leman is around 214k RMB a year, more than double what Meishi costs.  I am merely trying to see what’s out there. more so than just merely a google search, which is what I have been doing up to this point.

    As to my reasons, I’m not sure that’s relevant to my question, but I’ll bite.  I will be working, all of my wife’s family lives there and I want my daughter to improve her Mandarin by immersion.

    That being said, I thought the whole point to sending your children to International Schools in China was not just that they couldn’t go to public schools but also that they teach in English?  Am I missing something?

    As mentioned, as far as transportation and where to live, I was going to ask the wife :P, you are correct.  Any thoughts though?

    Thanks for all the follow up guys, I appreciate it.


    Avatar photoCharlie

    @charlie, Home school groups? I haven’t found any reliable info on that, got any thing? btw, how’s our expat ?back in america” podcast coming along? 🙂

    Sascha was big on the home school groups before he left Chengdu, he had trouble getting his kids into international schools here because they had a waiting period of years, if I remember correctly. The cost was (and still is, from what I understand) very high. I’m not sure what the details on home school are right now, but I am pretty sure they must still be around because there is certainly demand for them.

    About the podcast: it is recorded! It will be published soon. It is a 40 minute conversation with Sascha about what returning to the US after 15 years in China has been like.

    Avatar photoJBlazinJ


    Good Point.  I didn’t think about a waiting list..  If I do make the move I need to make sure wherever we are planning to send my daughter that they have a space available ahead of time.  Thanks for the heads up!



    Avatar photoAM

    Have you looked at QSI or BIBS? I think both may be cheaper than Leman / CDIS.

    If you send me your wechat I could put you in touch with people there.

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