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    In Brief:
    Follow a path through the orchard to the mountain gate of Gexianshan, continue through the hills to find an abandoned isolated temple. After the hike, take the mini bus to Bailu Town, take a stroll along the river to enjoy the relaxed life there.

    Level of difficulty:
    It is a moderate hike which will take around 3—4 hours, and can be either reasonably easy, or challenging, depending on how often you exercise

    Hike statistics
    *Hike Distance: 12km
    *Time to complete: 3-4 hours
    *Location: Penzhou city
    *Drive time: 2 hours each way

    Key information
    *100 RMB (no pay for us, just budget for traffic,meals or some cost in this trip)
    *Departure Date: 19, Dec.
    *Departure Time:9:00am departure from the meet point of Chadianzi subway station entry. Back in Chengdu around 5:00pm
    *4 hours start to finish over 10km

    This hike starts with a nice short gentle-slope walk from an orchard of a local village on the mountain foot to the gate of Gexianshan. Once we get to the mountain gate, the vision becomes broad and open.
    After entering the mountain, a trail shaded by hundreds of ginkgo trees on both sides leads to an abandoned temple. This is an easy short walk. We then arrive at an open area, which is followed by a 5-minute walk to an abandoned old house in whose yard there are locals providing backpackers with snacks and drinks. The trail continues, but the scenery alters greatly. Walking for another 5 minutes, theres mountain ridge. The open view is so spectacular that layers of layers of mountain at both near and far end come into our eye.
    Then we start going downhill from the ridge. We continue with an easy pleasant walk to a chicken farm, from where we ascend again to a bamboo forest. The walk through the bamboo forest takes about 15 minutes. Out of the forest and at the end of the trail are the farmland and houses of local farmers. Before finishing our hike of the day, we also follow a path on the valley to a cave called Five Dragon Cave. Next, the local mini bus takes us to Bailu Town.

    When arriving there, a short leisure walk is arranged to give us time and space to explore the town. Finally, we wind up this one-day tour by heading back to Chengdu

    What’s there to see on this hike?
    *An abandoned temple in the mountain, and caves in the mountain
    *The ginkgo trees in the mountain and bamboo forest
    *A river town at the foot of Mt Gexianshan

    What’s excluded on this hike & What to bring on this hike (It’s an AA trip)
    *Lunch and snacks to eat
    *Warm clothes, gloves, and a hat
    *Good hiking boots
    *Walking Sticks
    *Transfer fee
    *A light rain coat or poncho, just in case

    Contact Information:
    bruce chen: 13908173045/028-61644667
    WeChat: nomadicmuren
    Email: [email protected]

    Avatar photoBruce Chen

    BTY, we would have Laowai and local people in this trip if you join us

    Avatar photoWoodWERD

    Does your company have a wechat account? I’d like to join one of these in the future, but busy this weekend unfortunately. Searched wildmoutain (and mountain), but I’m assuming that’s weibo…

    Avatar photoBruce Chen

    WeChat: nomadicmuren

    you can check more pics on twitter
    nice to meet you

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