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    Avatar photopjddc

    Hi, All.

    Many people have discussed import/export requirements for pets, but not simple local registration.  I have a new locally-adopted puppy, and have been told by another clueless expat that I need to rush to the PSB with his vaccination records to get him registered.  I have found many sites describing the registration procedures for Beijing (which loosely requires dogs, but not cats, to be registered and approved by neighborhood watch board).  But aside from Beijing I don’t see that any other provinces require dog registration at all.  Does anyone know for certain whether Chengdu or Sichuan require canine registration?

    In fact, I’d much rather not, since there was an awful story recently about a Sichuan town that went on a dog slaughtering rampage, killing off every canine they could locate – including the dogs of pleading owners who provided rabies vaccination records — simply because of a suspected child rabies case that turned out to be bogus.  It drew international attention and criticism, which of course authorities are immune to.

    I searched the forums, but can’t seem to find an answer to this question so my apologies if it has been discussed before.  Many thanks for any info.

    Avatar photoCharlie

    I know a handful of people with dogs in Chengdu, I don’t think that any of them are registered. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    Avatar photoRick in China

    Agreed, never heard about anyone registering their dog..

    Also, if someone came to kill my kitties with pipes, I’d be involved in another criminal issue for sure. These “piping of dogs” – that happen on the STREET or they went to people’s homes? I heard about pipe wielding mobs killing strays before……but never smashing down people’s house dogs – how the f’ could dog owners just hang out without reacting? I’d imagine there would be HUGE fights.

    Avatar photoDolly Daydream

    myself an most of my colleagues have dogs and none of us have registered them. I would definitely advise getting the other full vaccinations (Distemper and Parvo) as  it’s all rife in CD!

    Avatar photopjddc

    I would definitely advise getting the other full vaccinations (Distemper and Parvo) as it’s all rife in CD!

    Couldn’t agree more!  Where I live in suburban Pixian, absolutely none of the local people bothers to get even basic vaccination.  They aren’t cruel and callous, they simply don’t understand the risk, and they’ve come to regard puppy deaths as common.  I had a puppy die of parvo, and its a gutting experience.

    The big point here: my vet particularly mentioned the need for an 8-in-1 combination vaccine here in China.  Many English-language websites specifically discourage vaccination for Leptospirosis; its a harsh vaccine, and the risk is low in the States and Europe.  In China, there’s a VERY big problem.  Parvo is practically a death sentence for puppies, but a Lepto infection (which also kills gastrointestinal track tissue) can make even a fully-vaccinated dog susceptible to parvo.  If you live in China, IGNORE the advice you read on English-language websites (where they argue that its unnecessary) and DO get the full 8-in-1 vaccine, including Lepto.

    Sorry to veer off the topic of registration, but you raised a very good point.

    Avatar photoIan

    We have two dogs no need for reg… Be careful with vacinations in China one of  our dogs nearly died after the second shot, some dogs are alergic and the dose is not considered for the dogs size.  Just one size fits all.  If you need a vet there is a Canadian guy in the West of Chengdu.

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