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    Hello all.

    I have returned to the UK, and upon seeking employment, I have come across the stumbling block of them requesting criminal record checks from my nearly 3 years in China. I know that in English this is known as the ‘Certificate of No Criminal Record’.

    Unfortunately this is turning in to a massive hassle, as my former employers aren’t being particularly helpful about it. I can’t get hold on the British Chinese embassy on the phone, and of two agencies I’ve found online, one didn’t do Chengdu and one tried to charge me 6000RMB, when I could probably return to China and do it for less than  that, although really I can’t just conveniently fly back to China and do it.

    I was a teacher in Chengdu, and am trying to work in schools here in the UK now. I was working on Z visas, but my passport is full of a few others.

    I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for this service!

    Does any one have either:

    any links to reliable agencies or contacts in the city that can do it for me, or hints or tips regarding methods of getting this done,

    Thanks in advance

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    You’re English and your employer in England requires a Chinese certificate of criminal record? I have never heard of anyone asking for or getting that kind of documentation from China. You might want to try someone like, if they can’t help you directly they may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck!

    Avatar photoSean Chen

    Indeed, it is called “Certificate of No Criminal Record”.

    In Chengdu, this certificate can be issued by a local notary public office. According to the latest policy of Chengdu PSB, to get this certificate, you must submit your application with a qualified notary public office, then the notary public office will check whether there is any criminal record with the assistance from the PSB. If there is no criminal record, they will provide you with such a certificate.

    To be mentitoned, the notary public office will require a list of materials , some of which are from your former employer (such as a letter of introduction, a copy of the contact card of foreign-related unit). For the case you are not in Chengdu, you will also be required to submit a notarized and certified power of attorney.

    This may be time consuming, especially when you are not in Chengdu now and the Chinese New Year is coming.

    I am a local lawyer in Chengdu, if you need more information on this, please e-mail me (at: [email protected]) or add my Wechat (at:ccqcfz).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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