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    Wanna downsize and simplify, so rather than throw stuff out thought someone might want it.

    CD’s: i dont know, maybe 60 or so: rock/indie/punk/jazz/world/dub (most i already stored on PC. Some copies, most originals).

    Books: some mine, some a friend’s who split suddenly: novels/ some photography guides (photoshop etc)/ lotsa cooking books (mostly thin and light) a few nice (HEAVY!) coffee table books with nice pics. A few Lonely Planets (China/Myanmar/Nepal).

    No catch but you take everything. You dont like it, give/throw it away.

    Bring a bag or box. Hell, you can even take my cat 🙂

    Ray 18384244322 (text only). I’m in YuLin


    Hell, you can even take my cat

    What! Were you testing to see if anyone would read your message in its entirety?

    I can relate to you clearing this stuff out though. I gave away my books and movies in similar fashion on here a year or so ago. It’s liberating. Not sure what your situation is but for me a Kindle, Spotify, and Bit Torrent help me clear out a lot of unnecessary things.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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