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    Hi, I am Cecilia from Chengdu Mandarin Club. This Sunday(19th,Sept.), there is an activity about traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting in mandarin club.

    The teacher will introduce the main idea about this type of art that is unique of Chinese culture. And,you could try by yourself to make your own works with the teacher’s help.

    It is a good opportunity to know more about chinese culture and make new friends.Everything is free(including drinks).

    If you are intrested in, please email to [email protected]

    Time: 2pm-4pm Sept. 19th(Sunday)

    Address: A1-1 Jinyun Lou,Orchard Villa(east region), 18#Tongzilin Dong Lu. Or check the website:

    there is a map on our website.



    I really recommend this to anyone in Chengdu who’s available on Saturday. Can’t beat a free calligraphy activity in Chengdu.

    Unfortunately I’m out of town or I would definitely be there. Also check out Mandarin Club if you’re interested in learning Chinese in Chengdu. They’re professional, have reasonable prices and are great people! There’s a link in the sidebar on Chengdu Living.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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