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    I did the research for a friend, and thought this might be useful to you too. It’s nice to have an option to drive. My English is just so so, but hope you guys won’t mind.

    The driving license I’m refering to is C1 driving license.

    Document needed:

      Passport original and a copy.

      Original UK license and a copy of both side.

      4 One Inches Photos.

      Residence verification form by local police station – called 境外人员住宿登记表.

      A translated document of your driving license (from a recognized translation organization) (e.g.成都博雅翻译有限公司,location:

    成都市三洞桥路19号国贸广场8楼, contact: 028-86183368, translating fee:100yuan).


      Go to the government office.


    Fill the physical check form and put a photo on, have the check (probobly on the second floor),then you should recieve a document called 机动车驾驶人身体条件证明 document.

    Fill 机动车驾驶证申请表 Apply Exam Form, pay 280yuan fee, make the exam appointment.

    Get in the exam queue, take the test(probobly on the thried floor), after the test you should recieve 成绩单 Score Document.

    Take the Score Document go to a counter(on the frist floor) apply for the actual driving license, 10yuan fee.

    Then finally it’s done, a Chinese driving license.

    Also found this on gochengdu.

    “Driver License requirement in Chengdu”

    It’s saying your visa should have more that 6 month from expiration. But I didn’t see this anywhere else.

    Official website to practice the exam is here.

    Hope this will help you.

    Avatar photoBrave Chengdu
    Avatar photoAKK

    u guys have the study material?

    Avatar photoBen

    They don’t do health checks at the vehicle license government office anymore. You need to go to a county level hospital on a weekday before 12pm. You’ll need to take a photo and your police registration, they use it to check your address for the form.

    Check out my post here for more info.

    Avatar photoYe Ming

    Is there not a – pay little extra in order to get the answers before – kind of thing?

    Avatar photoAKK

    Guys, any idea what kinda VISA is required for the license application? I am on F VISA only, but would like to get a driving license in China, so that I can go on roadtrip easier.

    Avatar photoRavi

    I guess the kind of visa you are holding doesn’t matter. When I got my driver’s license for china I had an F visa. But the rules in this country is changing every minute. Good luck.

    Avatar photoRick in China

    Type of visa doesn’t (or didn’t?) matter. When I went for my test they didn’t seem to be very strict (I went to the Pixian office) and we didn’t have to wait in the normal line..they just kinda pushed us thru the process. In fact, the 1-1 discussion and review of the documentation before the test, they just asked (even though we had translated copies of our license) what the #/letter license types were..I just said “normal car” but my friend said “car and motorcycle”, they went ahead and checked that off for him. My translation was just done by translators in my office, not a 3rd party company, and they allowed that.

    Avatar photoBrian

    For study materials, some of the info is in here:, but nothing about road signs.

    I’ve been studying with China Drive (free iphone app); it seems to be helpful.

    And there is this:


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