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    Avatar photoDanm

    Hey guys,

    Ive been in chengdu for the past month working at happy valley, and the other foreigners and I are now looking for some good clubs to party at with good music and dancing, Hip-hop, house, electro

    As much as we like the whole chinese experience the clubs we found werent so good and it would be nice to meet some other foreigners and learn more about the city

    so what are the typical clubs for foreigners and what are they like, or name any other club worth checking out



    Avatar photoCharlie

    There aren’t really any clubs for foreigners, but here’s what you do have:

    – Chinese clubs which play bad music at obscene volume levels. It’s like a kids birthday party (they literally play techno remixes of “Happy Birthday” every night) but you’ll probably get a lot of attention and free drinks. It’s fun until the novelty wears off, but since you’ve been here for a month it should still be engaging on some level. The places to go for these are Jiuyan Qiao (九眼桥) where there’s a dozen of them and more next to 88 on Shaolin Lu.

    – Bars owned by or targeted at foreigners. Basically Jellyfish / Paname which are popular with college-age expats in Chengdu. Located on Kehua Beilu (科华北路) on the second floor of Caribbean Plaza (蓝色加勒比广场)

    Unfortunately there isn’t really much else. For a few years the coolest club by far was Xiong Mao (where I hosted Disco Death) but it closed a while ago. It’s re-opening in a few months, so hopefully the situation will change then. Don’t hold your breath though, Chengdu has a notoriously lifeless electronic music scene (along with the rest of China, save for Beijing and Shanghai).

    Hope this helps you out Dan.

    Avatar photoshinichi

    Charlie’s right, in a few months chengdu’s electronic music scene will change.

    Dan,good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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