Good places to look for an apartment as an SU student (WangJiang campus) ?

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    Title says it all. Can anyone recommend me specific neighborhoods or areas of Chengdu that would be good to look in? I just have loose criteria:

    2000/yuan a month or less (my share of the rent at least, total rental cost higher if I have roommate(s)

    2 or 3 bedrooms (maybe find 1 or 2 roommates)

    Not absolutely disgusting (but a little bit is ok)

    Good, cheap places to eat and get drunk within walking distance are a plus

    Less than 45 minute bus commute to or from Wangjiang campus


    These are all loose requirements and I’m willing to sacrifice one thing if it significantly boosts another.


    I read the “5 Steps to Renting an Apartment in Chengdu” already. Good guide. I’m ready to start really searching. I fly into Chengdu on August 27, and am gonna be “couch surfing” until I can find a place. My semester starts September 9, so hopefully I can find something good before then.


    P.S What is the fastest internet I can buy in Chengdu? and what is the ballpark price on it? My job relies heavily on the internet, so decent internet is important.

    Al the Dead

    well i g0t 10MBpsec for 88kuai/month, but still, decent internet and China do not combine. Buy VPN while you still there.

    If you are like i used to be and work using online video conferences – forget about them.

    Cant help with SU nearby rents cause im a SWUFE boy 🙂


    Thanks, I already bought a VPN, since I absolutely need Google for my job. I think 10 mbp is a bit slow but it should be fine. No video conferencing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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