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    Avatar photoErik

    For tomorrow I’ve planned a short train trip to Hong Guan Zhen to meet someone, I understood I need to show my passport if you want to enter the train.

    However, currently my passport is at the visa office to have my visa extended, so showing a passport will be quite a challenge (didn’t think of that). I do have the official paper which states that my passport is there, including the number of my passport which is also on the train ticket.

    I always have my driver’s license with me with my name and photo on it, the official paper from the visa centre and a native chinese i can call to explain the situation to the people at the train station.

    Question is, will I be able to get on the train?

    Avatar photoRick in China

    May be a lot of hassle to get on. There’s no clear answer. I once had to board a plane from Chengdu to Shanghai because my passport was stolen here in Chengdu (from a jacket pocket in a spa, actually) and there was a lot of report/specific PSB documentation to allow me to travel without passport/etc but that was still a hassle. I’m guessing you’ve got nothing but a foreign ID card (meaningless) and a receipt for passport pick-up? You’re literally rolling the dice, and I guess it depends how you look and react to the people involved, and how their day is, as to whether they let you through the turn-gates.

    Avatar photoBrendan

    A photocopy of your passport ID page goes a long way. Have you ever emailed a copy to anyone? If so, look for the email and download the attachment. Otherwise I’d say chance it with what you’ve got and see what comes.

    Avatar photoErik

    Hadn’t even tought of that, hope that the 4 people running the office at my apartment area have a printer, as i indeed have a copy of it..

    Thanks for clearing up my mind..

    Avatar photoCharlie

    A photocopy is the best shot you’ve got – I think you won’t have a problem since you also have the document proving that your visa is being processed.

    Avatar photoErik

    Thanks for the advice, I think I’ll make it there with the passport copy, and if so, hope to be able to get back again..

    And if not, well, that’s the first lesson you learn over here, don’t ask why, cause even if they give the answer, you’ll still not understand..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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