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    Avatar photokg

    I am wondering if any of you living any Chengdu know if there is any source available to search Chengdu residents? I realize this is a very long shot with the millions of people in Chengdu. My daughter was born there in 2001 and lived with foster parents, Zhang Jianying (mother), Wang Zezhi (father), Wang Zhigang (son), obviously very common names. We are trying to find a way to contact them but all we know about them is that they lived close to a gymnastics (or gym) center. We have their names and a picture, but that’s it…

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Do you know her national identification number? This would be the easiest way to locate someone I think, but I don’t really have any idea how this would work. Because there are so many people with the same name, using just a name might be impossible unless the name is very rare, which it sounds like these are not.

    Avatar photokg

    Thanks Charlie. I don’t know their id#s but I will look through all the papers that I have just in case. What do most locals use for social media since they can’t access Facebook, etc?
    You guys have developed a nice website. Wish this had been around when we traveled to Chengdu.
    On a personal note – if any of you know or meet someone who volunteers at the Chengdu Children’s Welfare Institute, I am looking for a local contact to communicate with….Thanks again.

    Avatar photoEmmalinsha

    you can go to the police station which is in charge of the area that the foster parents might live. The police station has all the information like their specific address and contact number, but the thing is you have to come up with good reasons to convince them to do it for you.

    Avatar photoKim Duistermaat

    I guess there are not that many gymnastics centers in Chengdu. I’d start to search at the local police station or community center near Chengdu Gymnasium (on Renmin South road) or near the Youth Amateur Sports School 成都市少年儿童业余体育学校 which is the gymnastics school in Chengdu, it is located here 青羊区草堂路街道草堂东路150号. Perhaps the names are not rare, but the combination of names would be already less common? I know that there are also some commercial offices offering people searching in China in adoption cases, but I don’t know of a specific Chengdu one. Good luck!

    Avatar photokg

    Thanks Kim and Emma. The information on the gyms may really help narrow to down their neighborhood. I really appreciate it!

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