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    Avatar photosjkim13

    Hi All!

    My name is Sophia, I am a Korean American girl just moved from USA. I have been actually  been living out of my suitcase for the past two years traveling for work and fun throughout 20+ countries. I am now settled down in one city (finally!) and am living in Chengdu for my three year work contract. I was working as an engineer for the past 3 years, but came to Chengdu to do a more business related position with my company.

    I was curious if anyone knows of a good gym close to Lan Kwai Fong or an English speaking personal trainer? Also, if there are any figure drawing classes available in Chengdu? Are there any musicians out there who want to jam out? I play piano and sing, jazzy R&B style, but open to any genres to collaborate with!

    I was hoping to find some cool and open minded people to learn the city with. I am interested in art, music, dancing, nightlife, drinking beer/wine, exploring the city, traveling, fitness, and I am a HUGE foodie. I am the type of person who lives to eat, not eat to live. 😉

    I am really easy going and usually down for whatever. I am a true believer that happiness is not found in the place you are in, but through the people you surround yourself with, so I am really looking forward to meeting some of you awesome people out there!

    So if you want to hang out or chat, PM me ! We can meet up for a beer, watch a live music show, take a stroll through the city, try scary street food, go out for the nightlife, whatever, I am down! 🙂

    Avatar photoCharlie

    Welcome to Chengdu! You sound pretty awesome, I’m sure you’ll have no problem meeting cool people in Chengdu who share your interests. There are a lot of gyms around Chunxi Lu which isn’t too far from LKF (like Megafit), but finding an English-speaking personal trainer may be a little more difficult. If you speak basic Chinese you can probably work it out, I imagine that a lot of trainers speak some English but not enough to communicate entirely in English.

    For jams, the best places to check out are the Hemp House and Here We Go. HWG has recently moved to another venue which is on a rooftop on Kehua Beilu, but I think they might still have jams there on Sundays. Another place that is a classic jam venue in Chengdu is Jah Bar although it’s less popular now than it used to be.

    Avatar photoMaz

    Hey Sophia!,

    Welcome to Chengdu, even though I’m not there yet. I am there in spirit, just not in person 😀

    Avatar photoRaylene

    Hi Welcome to CD, I also just moved here for a month now but already started to like it here. My name is Raylene, I love dance and running, hope we can do some runs together in near future and  am a wine distributor, I just finished decorting my wine shop in Kehua beilu 56, if you are interested you can join our Opening party on 28th June-2014, this up coming saturday, unlimted free sparkling wines for the day. Am sure you will meets lots of cool people during the opening and gets some good wines.

    Have fun  in CD!

    Avatar photoRainbow

    Hi Sophia, Welcome!
    I myself couldn’t be your guide, but I could find a guide for you, I have a friend, she is a local person, and could speak English well, if you want, you can follow my WeChat: lovelordlifelong, or email me with [email protected], furthemore, I am a Chinese teacher. I work for Rainbow Chinese Language Institute(http://irainbowconcept.com). So if you want to learn Chinese, I guess communicate skill is the first step, <SURVIVAL CHINESE>,an exclusive curriculum be compiled by Rainbow Chinese school, include 500 useful words, 32 daily topic will perfect for you. If you want to know more, please check http://irainbowcocept.com, or mail to [email protected] !
    They also organize interested events for expat in Chengdu regularly, all in their web site, lots of fun there.
    Hope its help! GOOD LUCK

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    Avatar photoYuou

    Hey Sophia!
    Welcome to Chengdu. I don’t really think you’ll need any guide or trainer just for living in this city. If you wanna find a gym in that area, there’s one called Haosha. Go seaech for in on Baidu, NOT GOOGLE.
    BTW, as a foodie, I bet you are gonna love living in this place just because of all kinds of bazaar food.

    Enjoy living in Chengdu!

    Avatar photosjkim13

    Hey Charlie! Thanks for the tips! I will definitely try out Megafit and the places you mentioned for live music. I actually went to HWG before during my first visit to Chengdu back when it was at Poly Center, but I will check out the new location! Hopefully see you around!

    Avatar photovannina

    Hi sophia!

    I Sent you a PM, check your inbox!

    Avatar photoBrendan

    Hey Sophia, welcome to Chengdu and the forum.

    Are you here with a property developer, or is your engineering experience outside of the construction industry?

    Plenty of gyms across Chengdu, but if you’re a serious trainee then your options start to diminish fairly fast. PM me if you want any more info, and let me know what you’re looking for re training. I might be taking clients again myself in the next month or two.

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