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    I am a Chinese mother with a daughter who is 3 and half years old and a husband who is from the UK. My daughter’s Chinese is better than her English, as she goes to a local Chinese kindergarten which only uses Chinese. Her dad doesn’t have as much time to spend with her as myself and her language environments are mostly Chinese. I think these are the two main reasons why her English proficiency is poorer than her Chinese.
    Once my husband and I swam in Luofu swimming pool, one of the 7 year old kids there talked to us in English. We were surprised by his English ability. Through our conversation we learnt he was Korean and that he is study in a international school which only using English to teach their lessons. Whilst talking to him, we discovered he was only 7 years old and that he can speak 3 languages–English/Chinese/Korean. At home, he speaks Korean with his family; at school, he speaks English to his teachers and his classmates; He has some Chinese friends so when he speak to them, he uses Chinese. From my conversation with this boy, I now believe the best way of learning a language is to learn it from an early age and to have that language around you as much as possible in your invironment.
    My friend Vicky and I have had this idea to open a small sized family nursery that kids from different countries can join. We will provide a bilingual (English/Chinese) learning environment for kids ranging from 2 to 6 years of age.
    Wouldn’t it be lovely to have somewhere, a place where you and your tiny loved ones can learn in a loving, caring, enriched environment, where you too can participate in the learning experiences and developmental changes of your own child.
    We are seeking at the moment some foreign nationals whose mother tongue is English or those who are bilingual in English, regardless of skin colour or nationality, to be able to drop their child off at our Nursery, and to provide some volunteer time in return for their children learning at our nursery.
    Within our curriculum we are very proud to supply art, craft, baking, English, and Chinese, wherein you are invited to participate in any of these activities with your loved one in your spare time. With the optional extra of music, dance, and kids martial arts classes as well. We also welcome you to share/teach/make your own culture with our nursery. So if there are special cultural aspects from your own culture you would like to have your child to share, or if there are certain breads, cookies, cakes, or dishes your child loves, but can’ t get at other kindergardens. We provide the platform for this as we have our own kitchen that is already being used to make yummy treats for our kids.
    Our nursery is located in Tongzilin (the southern area of Chengdu, very close to Carrefour)
    If you have the same thoughts as we do, please don’t hesitate to phone us.
    Phone number: 18602-808-501(Tom) or 139-8209-0637 (Tina)

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    My little baby girl just popped out a month ago – so she’s too young to take part, but this sounds like a fantastic idea!

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    you sounds like a good father!:)

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