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    I was wondering if anybody here would be interested in getting together on a regular basis and have different kinds of fun activities that can be considered a little “nerdy”, for lack of a better term.

    The idea is that I believe people like myself do exist, people who are not into drinking, partying ,etc. but are more on the quiet side..  yet still want to socialize. I really hope that by organizing these activities that I’m about to describe, people like us can come together and form great friendship while having a great time. Here are the activities that I’m thinking of…

    Maybe on Wednesday evenings we can have a “Fun Videos” event, during which we can share with each other some funny or meaningful short videos via our smart phone or laptop computer, then have an interesting discussion about each video. On Saturday afternoons we can play card/board games or chess, and then on Sunday afternoons we can have our book chat, basically introducing a good book (either fiction or non-fiction) that each of us have been reading or have read in the past and together we can have a discussion about it. For example, currently I’m reading the book “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh.

    My hope is that we can think outside the box with each of our event theme and continuously come up with creative ideas and ways to make our events fun and meaningful, allowing everyone to have a great time while learning something new and making new friends.

    More about the card/board game and chess event. Personally I’m a huge fan of the card game Uno, and I’ll be bringing my Uno cards to the event so we can play it if everyone feels like it. What I also have is a deck of standard poker cards that I’ll be bringing with me for some fun card games like “Crazy Eights” or any other card games that can be played with the standard deck of cards, depending on what the group wants to play. I’m pretty open to new ideas and learning new games, so please feel free to bring your favorite card/board games and teach the rest of us how to play. I don’t have a chess game set yet, but I think I will most likely buy one as I’m quite interested in learning it and playing it with some of you chess fans during the card/board game and chess event.

    So in sum, here are the activity ideas and schedule that I’ve come up with so far. And I’m absolutely open to new ideas and changes. Please don’t hesitate to give suggestions.

    – Each Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00: Fun Videos

    – Each Saturday afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00: Card/board Game and Chess

    – Each Sunday afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00: Book Chat

    How about let’s get the ball rolling by scheduling our very first event on Saturday, January 12th, from 3:00 to 5:00? For this first event I’m thinking we can simply play the popular card game Uno and/or Crazy Eights. But of course I’m very open to new ideas so if you guys have better ideas please don’t hesitate to let me know.

    I have an Uno card set and standard poker card set (to play Crazy Eights) so you guys won’t need to bring anything when you come. And just in case, here are some video tutorials on how to play Uno and Crazy Eights. Both games are a lot of fun and easy to learn and play, and they are actually quite similar to each other.

    How to play Uno:

    How to play Crazy Eights:

    The venue address for this event is: Room 418, 天华大厦, 二环路南三段15号. I attached an image of a map showing the location. If you could see the image, I circled the building (Chinese name: 天华大厦) with a red pen, and the small blue circle with the number “1” inside at the top of (north of) the circled area is where the front entrance to the building is. The building is across the street (Yulin South Road 玉林南路) from a big landmark called Yulin Square玉林生活广场. Hope that’s not too confusing..

    If anyone is interested in coming please connect with me on WeChat (Weixin) by searching: mikex7 and we can form a WeChat group.

    Looking forward to getting our activities started, nerdy style!


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    I’m attaching my WeChat QR code here so you can simply scan this code to add me on WeChat. Cheers!

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    Hello everybody,

    I’m no longer organizing the “fun activities – nerdy style” events, so the above posts I made previously are obsolete now. But I’m launching a new activity in replacement of the old one and I will make a new post about that shortly. I look forward to meeting you guys there. Cheers!

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