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    When was the last time you listened to an LP, front to back? Or when was the last time you shared the LP experience with other aural explorers?

    Live music is great and there’s no shortage of DJs and jam bands that put on good shows in Chengdu. I’m proposing an alternative, non-profit, non-performance, music-related social event in the comfort of gracious ChengduLiving mod Charlie’s home. Good chance to kick it to good music with good people! If you have any interest, drop a comment or send me a WeChat, my ID is dp_engel.

    More details!

    WHEN: This Thursday Jan 29, 7:45pm
    WHERE: 烙碼頭火鍋店 雨林中路 làomǎtóu huǒguōdiàn on yǔlín zhōnglù (huge red-faced building, impossible to miss. More on location below)
    WHAT: Get together to listen to Panda Bear’s new album Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper. Bring your bud(s) and some beers and hang out while listening to the newest psych pop. We’ll start by listening to a curated playlist of Panda Bear’s finest works to date, then around 8:30pm begin listening to his new album.
    WHO IS PANDA BEAR: If you’re unfamiliar with his work and want to see if this up your alley, you can check out his Xiami artist page which has a bio, reviews, and his songs sorted by “Most Played”. Just note every album of his has been a pretty big deviation from each prior album. My take on his music is: Horror-movie samples, complex rhythms, earnest, heart-breaking lyrics with Beach Boys harmonies, and psychedelic effects.

    Location details: We’d meet at the above-mentioned hot pot place at 7:45, then walk across the street together to Charlie’s apartment. Anyone arriving later can go to the hot pot place and message me on WeChat and I’ll happily run down and take you there.

    Any questions leave em here or WeChat me, ID: dp_engel


    whats the nearest subway station?


    Hey Pikachu, glad to hear you’ll be coming! Please bring any friends who might be interested! Ok, so….

    倪家桥 nijiaqiao, near the consulate road, is the closest subway stop but it’s still about a 20 minute walk from there.


    If you walk, just walk away from Consulate Road (you may have to cross Renmin Nanlu depending on what exit you came out of the subway), make sure you’re on Nijiaqiao road and keep walking straight until you hit Yulin Zhonglu, take a right on Yulin Zhonglu then walk till you hit the big red hot pot place. A simple walk, but for those who don’t want to walk it all the way, bus directions below.


    If you’re taking the bus from Nijiaqiao, this link will show you the Baidu Maps suggestions. The bus stop is near the corner of Renmin Nanlu and Nijiaqiao. Basically take Bus Line 114, 77, or 79 two stops, get off, continue walking in the same direction a bit, then take a right on Yulin Zhonglu, and then after about 5 minutes you’ll see the hot pot restaurant with the red siding on your right.

    If any of that is unclear, please let me know.


    sounds good, pretty near where i live actually


    This will be fun, I am listening to his previous albums in the meantime. Here are some of his recent music videos, which might eliminate any hesitation you may have:


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